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Datemill Review | By: PJBoss

First of all would like to say that the script is pretty cheap. If you're just a newbie in on-line community business, this solution will be suitable for you.

Let's start walking through the features and see what this script is good and bad for. Here's the list of the features available on the web-site of the developer:

Photo Albums
Captcha Support
Saved Searches
Profile Search
Advanced Mailbox System
User Preferences
Member Networks
Block Member
Site News

As we can see, the software has the main features of any community site. Also there are some features which can be purchased separately. We'll review them later in this article.

Well, in the features list we don't see a forum, which is a very important thing in a good community. You can purchase an additional module to make a bridge between the site and a third party forum software. Also we see a feature which, as I think, is completely unuseful for a community site ? Site News RSS. The script is intended for community purposes, not for a news site. Communities usually don't have so many news and the users will not be interested to grab those news through RSS.

The features available for additional fee are as follows:

Required Location Field
Link Field
AIM Field
SMF Bridge
Yahoo IM Field
Skype Field
Random Items
Check to Approve
phpBB2 Bridge
Flashchat Bridge

So, if you want to have a community web-site which will be able to somehow compete with other giants on the market, you'll need to purchase all the above mentioned addons as well.

The software doesn't have any kind of live messaging systems, that's why it has several addons which will let the users message their friends via AIM, Yahoo Messenger and Skype.

Well, let's register and try the demo.

The first sight on the registration page makes us think that you'll need to make some "corrections" in the software before publishing it in the Internet. Here what I mean:

Don't know what language "Mijn godsdient" is, but it is surely not English.

Here is another interesting thing at the registration process.

And what should I chose if I'm married?

Let's take a look at administration panel too. Maybe those things can be easily changed through there.

In administration panel we see that all the fields can be managed, edited or deleted. Also you can add your own custom fields to the registration process. That?s good.

Administration panel seems to have a lot of useful features which will let you have a full control over your site. I think that admin control panel has more features than the user part itself.

The software can have different payment systems integrated, but didn't find any information on how to integrate them in the technical help section or under the section about custom work done by the company.

Conclusion. The software is good for small sites. It is cheap and the features, included in the main package are enough to open a site and get into the niche of community sites. It is good for a novice. Or it can be a good base for professional programmers to create something more powerful on its base. Though a lot of work should be done for that.

Good base, lousy support | By: Mikey | Mar 17, 2009
The script itself is actually pretty solid. The addons work well if you can figure out how to install them. There is little to no documentation on the script or for the addons. What little documetation there is is poorly written and confusing. If you desire custom mods the deve...
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Datemill user comment | By: Mikey | Mar 14, 2009
As this review says, Datemill is a good basic script but needs a lot of work to be really useful. If you can handle the programming and modification aspects of using this script, then you would probably be set. If you have to pay the developer to do any work, prepare to wait a ...
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