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Review on SkaDate Admin Panel | By: osbourne

This dating software review will talk about the Admin Panel of SkaDate. The Admin panel demo is located at the following location:

Username: admin
Password: skadate

Here’s the Admin panel of SkaDate after the login:

This is the dashboard of the Admin panel. The page you’ll see every day, after entering the Admin panel. I want to say that I expected better usability from SkaDate team. For example. There’s a tab above named “Restricted Usernames”. Why did they show it on the homepage of Admin? Will you have to enter there and edit the restricted usernames every day? Thanks God they didn’t create a shortcut to it :D On the left we can see menu items which you can access and manage the site. We’ll review those items in this SkaDate review.

In the center we can see some kind of statistics. On the right there are search boxes to perform a search by Username, Email, Keyword and ID. Didn’t understand why it was necessary to put ID search there. Usually you’ll not care what’s the ID of a user. You’ll just search by the username.

And in the lower part of the dashboard you can see some advertisements from SkaDate. Don't like such things. First of all they're annoying. Second, they take time to load which makes the whole admin panel load slower.

Let's finish with the SkaDate Admin panel dashboard and proceed to the menu items. Admin panel has 2 set of menu items – Management and Configuration.

It has a lot of submenus. We'll examine the most important ones.

The section “Profiles” loads for default and we've already examined it above.

Member Reports

This section contains the content which was reported by the site users (spam, scam, etc. content). Let’s click on the link to the first reported content material and see what we can do there.

Ok. So, here we see the report. Here you can only dismiss the selected report(s). However there’s no option to edit the reported profile or delete it. Why to create a report system when the admin will not be able to edit the reported content and remove the profile or some parts from it? What is this feature for? What are you supposed to do? Take the profile owner nickname, go to the Profiles management section and only there edit the profile? I think that this is a huge usability lack which should be urgently considered by SkaDate staff.


The section lists the done payments for the membership types. Didn't find anything special here. The section could be included into the Profiles section rather than create a separate section for it.


This is the section to manage your site banners. The section contains a lot of fields which you will have to check and in the bottom menu chose the banner to show there. This is too complicated and you’ll make a lot of errors trying to figure out how it works.

Mass Mailing

In this section you can send a letter to your site users. There’s nothing special there, you can chose the user group to send the letter to and some other values which can define the users to receive the letter. But there’s also a checkbox which concerns me very much. That’s the “Ignore “Unsubscribe”” checkbox. Actually this means, that if you check there, the letter will be sent also to those users which have chosen not to receive such letters from your site. Surely that will be illegal and if your site users send a complaint to your hosting company, your server will be suspended for sending spam.

I’ve examined several points of the menu yet but found a bunch of everything to be corrected and reconsidered. Not too good. Let’s continue this SkaDate review. This is all what I want to show in this dating software review for the Management section.

Global Configuration

This is the section to configure the site. For default it loads the Site Settings section and there are tabs for the other sections. In the first section you can put the general e-mail of the site, site name (presumably it's the title of the site), site support e-mail (why to use 2 different e-mails for the same purchase?) and billing e-mail. Also you can put the time zone. The other sections are not so important and don't have too many fields except of the Additional Settings tab which looks as follows:

There is a huge amount of settings to make there. But I would cut off almost 70% of the settings as they are absolutely unneeded to be set. For example, why did they write the following in so complicated way?

email_verified = 'no'
email_verified = 'undefined'

Would be much better to write – Users which have validated their e-mail addresses and vice versa. Why to write a setting explanation in technical form? 90% of all the users will not understand what this all means.


This is the section to manage the languages of the site and make changes in the existing language files. For default it loads the section to Edit the languages, however the blocks of words are not editable at all. When you click on the block it changes the color and that’s all. There’s no section to edit the words, change them or anything else, in case you want to translate the site into another language or change the wordings. Not sure if this is a bug of the demo only, but don’t like such bugs on demo sites (if it is on a demo only). Such bugs show the unprofessionalism of the software author. If you can’t take care of the demo which will be seen by all prospective customers, you’ll not be able to help customers solve their problems after the purchase.

Template/Index Page

In this section you can edit your template. However you must be familiar with HTML and CSS in order to be able to make some changes there. Better not to show such a section than show it in a way that you will not be able to change anything if you’re not a technical specialist. And if you are a technical specialist, you can make the same changes in the files on your server. So, it is useless to have such a section in admin panel.

Site Caching

And again. They could combine this with another section in admin panel. Don’t understand why they had to create so many unneeded menu items which could be combined or avoided at all.

Profile Fields

This section is intended to manage the table fields. Those are the fields the users fill in at the registration. The list is really huge. Seems you can edit all the fields in the site. But there’s a big question – will you need to edit all the fields? When you do something which nobody needs, it will cause misunderstanding and will make your site more complicated. That’s the case with SkaDate as well and we’ve seen it in this SkaDate review. In my opinion, the customers will need to edit the registration fields only, not more.

Again 2 menu items which could be combined into 1:

I have no idea why SkaDate developers put so many menu items in the Admin panel. And again:

What’s the difference between such payment provides as 2CO, PayPal and SMS Billing? Why didn’t they combine those 2 sections into 1? I don’t understand those guys. Hopefully the system itself is created better and more user friendly than the Admin panel.

I've just noticed that there's no section to manage the uploaded Videos or Photos. There are just sections for the settings like watermark, etc., but there are no sections to view the uploaded videos and photos, approve them or delete. This is nonsense. I’m finishing this dating software review on this line. Don’t see any cause to continue as in total the admin panel is useless. It misses a lot of major and basic features like the approval of the videos or simply video management in case somebody uploaded anything you don’t want to be on your site.

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