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SkaDate Review | By: Skadate

Skadate is one of the leaders on the market along with DatingPro and AbleDating. So, in this dating software review we’ll see whether it deserves to be among the leaders or not and what made it popular. Skadate states to be an open source software. However it is half true. The case is that there are 2 license types under which Skadate is being distributed:

Managed solution – is being installed on the servers of the company, you just get a password to manage your web-site through admin control panel. The source is not given in this case (then why do they state – open source software?) - 295 USD setup fee (one time), 95 USD montly payment.

Software solution – being installed on the hosting account of the customers, source is given in this case – 795 USD. Here this Skadate review goes point by point:

  • Sytem requirements.
    • Linux/Unix/Windows OS
    • Apache Server 1.3 or higher
    • PHP 5.2.4 (server module and system binary) or higher, with cURL support
    • MySQL 5.x
    • GD Library 2 with FreeType support
    • Mail server (SendMail, Exim or other)
    • Cron
    If you want us to install the package for you, we will need SSH access to the server. Otherwise, you will need to ask your hosting provider for assistance.
    If you want to use Adobe Flash technologies for video sharing instead of Microsoft Media, you also need to have additional server software installed: There is one concern. Why does Skadate need SSH access to make the installation? They don’t configure servers or install server components, they will just have to upload the software files and run the installer, or what? No comment about SSH access requirement from the end of Skadate. A little bit confusing. Regarding the Adobe Flash technologies for video sharing. You’ll need to install the listed components by yourself which is not so easy. Will need to be a Unix administrator. Seems that everything is done in such a complicated way to make you purchase a hosting account from Skadate. So, let’s review the prices of Skadate hosting as well: Hosting prices:

    disc space


    20 USD



    80 USD



    120 USD



    I think that hosting is too expensive. 20 dollars for 500 Mb of disc space. Nowadays each videoclip has approximately 50Mb size. So, your disc will be full if your 10 users upload 1 videoclip each. Don’t know why the hosting price is so high in this company.

  • Pricing.
  • Possibly this is the first time when Pricing is not the same as License types. Now you’ll understand what I mean. The price includes the software only. Even if you pay 795 USD for Software Solution license type – you’ll not get any kind of support until you’ve paid 55 USD a month or 580 USD a year. Pretty expensive. At the web-site of Skadate we can see the following: Why doesn’t it say 24/7 Support if you’ve paid for that support? One quick note concerning the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee too, since it is visible in the same box. Here what it covers: As you can see, the guarantee is available for Managed Solution only. So, if you’ve purchased the Software Solution license type for 795 USD, didn’t pay for support and your software doesn’t work, you’ll not get either support or money back. Not so fair… Another interesting statement concerning the refund: How can a company place “Refunds restricted” and “30 Day Money Back Guarantee” statements on the same page? If a refund is guaranteed, it shouldn’t be restricted. Some other very important features which are being sold separately: Want to use those features too? Will have to pay at least 49 USD for each of them per month. Why is this software so expensive? OK. Let this dating software review continue.

  • Layout/design.
  • I’m testing Skadate with Internet Explorer 6.0. According to the statistics – 70% of all the users worldwide use this browser. Here how Skadate demo looks in IE 6.0: Take a look at the status bar of IE (bottom of the page). It shows – Done. So, the page is fully loaded, the loading was not canceled. The site shows in the way you can see above and below… A huge lack of implementation. The designers has done his job very well which I can't tell about the person who has created the layout. What will you have to tell the 70% of your users when they start complaining that the site doesn't work correctly in IE? Will ask them to use FireFox? Funny, isn't it? And here how it looks in FireFox 3.0.5. This is the correct view, so you can compare. Don't want to talk about the design in this Skadate review. It is already clear how “good” it is.

  • Registration.
  • Now I’ll try to register. The same lack is seen here as well. Registered, but can’t log in using IE 6.0. Entered the username, entered the password, clicked on Sign in. The form freezes and then just reloads the page, nothing more. Successfully logged in using the same username and password in FireFox 3.0.5. Can make a conclusion regarding the work of Skadate in Internet Explorer: the software doesn't work in IE 6.0 – the most used browser worldwide. In order to continue this dating software review, I have to continue it using FireFox. Don’t see any other way. Here is the view of Skadate demo when you’re logged in (using the default template): Think that it is not suitable to use white links on gray background. Could manage to do a lot of things without logging in: Don’t think that anybody without registering and logging in should be able to see the profiles, photos, videos, read the forum posts: Will not get much users with such a functionality. 

  • Admin panel.
  •  This Skadate review will continue a chapter about admin panel. Here is a screen of admin panel. I like editing the languages. Let’s see how it is implemented here. Well. I’m in the “Edit Language” section, but all I can do – click on the fields and highlight them. Couldn’t manage to edit there anything or see how it can be done. Skadate states – Multiple languages. But in Admin panel and on the demo site I see just English and Russian. So, what about the other languages? The rest in admin panel is the same as in any other solution. Nothing extraordinary.

  • Custom design.
  • There is no custom design option available. Skadate comes with 10 default templates. The company states the following: Also states the following: The company is in business since 2002 but has created only 10 templates. I think that they should have created more than 10 templates, or they should offer a custom design option. Each customer wants to have a unique site. But with Skadate the customers are stuck with 10 default templates.

  • Usability. 
  • Too many things can be done without registering and logging in. Menu is always visible on the top, this is a good sight of usability.

  • Support.
  • Skadate provides with 24/7 support by phone, live chat from their web-site, ticketing system, e-mail. It is not bad. However you’ll have to pay 55 USD a month for the support. And the last thing. As a decent American, I can not feel much confidence in the software, developed by such a team:

    I am kidding, of course :-D But the photos are real. Sure, this is my own point of view. This is the end of this dating software review. Just facts, nothing else…

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